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Cancer Information

In honor of Cancer Awareness Month, we've created this helpful health guide to give you the essential information you need to be proactive about your health..

Many different cancer-related awareness campaigns occur throughout the year. Not all of them are coordinated by the Nigeria Cancer Society; however, we do support efforts to create a greater awareness of cancer. Items followed by an asterisk are sponsored by the Nigeria Cancer Society..

The Nigerian Cancer Society is dedicated to lessening the suffering and limiting the number of lives lost from cancer in our country, and helps to build capacity for cancer prevention, treatment (including palliative care) and research. It also prioritizes public awareness in order to improve access to needed care.

Awareness Events

Cancer Information

What is Cancer?

Cancer starts when cells begin to grow out of control. Our bodies are made up of cell which, normally, reproduce and grow under body controls. However, this process sometimes goes wrong and cells reproduce and grow out of control and form a mass of tissue called tumour or growth. Cells in nearly any part of the body can become cancer, and can spread to other areas of the body. Thus, cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells grow and reproduce uncontrollably and invade nearby tissues by spreading to other parts of the body through blood streams and lymphatic systems hindering the activities of the normal cells

Danger Signs of Cancer

The exact causes of cancer are not known and very often no single cause can be found. Findings so far show that cancer causes are related to changes on genes. Such changes on genes are related to living habit such as tobacco smoking, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity, and environmental factors like exposure to infections and carcinogens, and longer life expectancy. The following are the measures to minimize the risk of cancer:

  1. Avoiding tobacco smoking
  2. Cutting down on high fat foods and instead eating high fiber foods (grains, cereals...) and fruits and vegetables,
  3. Getting daily physical exercise and maintaining lean weight,
  4. Using sun radiation protections

Types of Treatment for Cancer

The most common types of treatment possibilities are:
Surgery: is treatment for a cancer in its early stages that has not spread and easy to reach made through surgical measures by removing the entire legion
Radiotherapy: is a treatment applied on selected part of a body to kill Cancer cells using radiations.
Chemotherapy: is a treatment given to kill Cancer cells by using drugs that kill cancer cells. It is often used if the disease has spread into other areas of the body.
Hormone therapy: is a treatment given to treat hormone-dependant Cancers.
Biological therapy: is a treatment by using body natural immune system.

Danger Signs of Cancer

  • A PERSISTENT SORE especially if it is in the mouth, on the lip or on tongue. Long standing sores due to smoking, sharp edge of teeth, or dental plates that do not fit, can develop into cancer if not taken care of .Common 'Cold Sore' disappears after a few days - Cancer does not. If any such sore persists more than a few days, see your doctor.
  • LUMPS OR MASSES which appear where none were present previously should arouse suspicion of cancer. This is especially true in the case of women and is the most readily cured if treated early.
  • UNEXPLAINED OR ABNORMAL BLEEDING FROM ANY BODY OPENING should be quickly investigated by a physician. Coughing up or vomiting blood, passing blood in the urine and rectal bleeding are common symptoms of cancer. In women the first sign of cancer of the uterus is often a bloody discharge occurring between menstrual periods or after menopause.
  • PERSISTENT INDIGESTION OR CHANGE IN BOWEL HABITS, while usually due to other causes, are often caused in the intestinal tract and should be reported.
  • PERSISTENT HOARSENESS OR COUGH of abnormal duration deserves a careful examination by your doctor. Cancer of the larynx (voice box) or respiratory passages or lung may be the cause.
  • UNEXPLAINED LOSS OF WEIGHT may be due to many things but may also be due to hidden cancer.

If you note any of the danger signals, especially if you are beyond middle life, it is advisable to bring them to the attention of your doctor.

But if you learn to recognize them in the earliest stages, and seek a doctor's help you may save yourself untold suffering.

Even better, if you should make it a habit to go for an annual examination, cancer may be discovered by the specialists, even before it gives rise to any symptoms

Reduce your Risk of Cancer

Learn how a healthy lifestyle can help prevent cancer. The Nigerian Cancer Society and its partners have lots of leaflets, booklets, and online information that informs people of how they can reduce their risk of cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices

Our Recent Activities

We have been engaged in many cancer activities in Nigeria

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44th Annual NCS Conference

A conference for experts in cancer management

Recent Activities

Recent Activities

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Scool Visit

School visit for "catch them young" sensitization

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House to House Campaign

A cancer campaign to the door steps of citezens